New Zbook 15 and Zbook 17 G5

Roger Graf
Roger Graf

The new G5 Performance Workstations will start shipping on May 28th. The new Line Up for our Channel Partners is already created and should be visible as of May 1st. Note that we are very limited in Early Eval Samples. Please contact Alan or myself if you want to see the new Devices.

In a nutshell the new Performance Platforms offer apart from a fresh new Design:

  • Coffeelake (8th gen Intel Processors) with up to 6 Core
  • Latest Nvidia P1000/2000/P3200/P4200/P5200 Graphics
  • Improved Security with HP Privacy Camera Shutter, Sure Start Gen 4, etc.
  • Bringing back Tool Less Access to Storage, memory, battery and more
  • UHD Touch Display Option (on demand)