HP t640 and t740

Roger Graf
Roger Graf

The world's first self-defending and the world's most powerful desktop Thin Clients are out now.

In advance of VMworld 2019 HP announced its new HP t740 and HP t640 Thin Clients. Encompassing the world’s most powerful thin client, the world’s first self-defending thin client, redesigned manageability tool and software that enables businesses toconvert legacy devices into efficient HP thin clients, these new solutions will enable businesses to expand their virtualization strategies and take charge of their vision for the cloud.

HP t640
The world's first self-defending Thin Client. 
The HP t640 Thin Client helps keep your data safe across your workflows with built-in security and AMD Memory Guard. Choose the right fit for your specific users and environment with a range of subsystem options.

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HP t740
The world's most powerful desktop Thin Client.
HP t740 Thin Client is built to drive graphics-intensive workflows on virtual and local computing environments, projecting to up to six 4K displays.

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