HP Switzerland and Virtual Reality

Roger Graf
Roger Graf

HP Switzerland is well positioned to support your company exploring new vr experiences. We are constantly building new relationships, we are learning from professionals and translate our learings into system configurations. Read some insights about the status quo today.

Since around 2 Years you can hear me talking about VR and HPs vision to become the top one-stop-trusted partner for commercial customers who design, create and experience VR.
We understand HP “only” delivers the powerhouse who enables the solution. But this means that we must be visible on the market and deliver on our commitment.
HP Switzerland is part of the Virtual Switzerland Association (http://virtualswitzerland.org) where we collect interesting insights into VR R&D, business solutions and outlook. We built an entire organization on WW and EMEA level both technical and consultant to support. In Switzerland specifically, we are collaborating with new partners such as Raumgleiter (http://www.raumgleiter.com/) or True VR Systems who are doing amazing things in VR (https://www.truevrsystems.com). Of course, there are other partners and customers we collaborate with. Based on this collaboration we made 2 VR ready configurations. The Z4 configuration is based on GTX Graphics which makes sense in game design and Virtual Reality due to the high amount of VRAM at lower cost. The typical Quadro features are not specific to game design and VR.


Furthermore, HP does have a dedicated Virtual Reality Backpack that is freeing up the user from tethered setups without creating frame rate drop problems:


There are still many challenges to overcome, but VR is developing fast and for each problem there will be a solution shortly. Out of the WW collaboration with HTC we just launched the HTV Vive Pro 2 Headset that can be purchased as an HP part number as well. In just 2 years they doubled the resolution and quadrupled the virtual space. In combination with our flexible Backpack a perfect solution for even broader VR experience.
Having a glance at NVIDIA Holodeck shows that Collaboration in VR is not too far away:


Looking at the system Requirements it is obvious that it requires a lot of Power and a well-designed system. Crucial for proper VR Experience is a constant frame rate. If the frame rate drops below 90 frames per second people feel motion-sickness and need to escape the virtual experience.

HP equips the professionals and we do learn from them and we support them in solving Hardware related problems. Only like this we can deliver the best hardware in class. If your Company is already working on VR, please get in touch with us. We are happy to support you.

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