HP Performance Advisor

Roger Graf
Roger Graf

Get the most out of your HP Workstation on day one—and every day thereafter. Designed for non-techies, this ultra-savvy software wizard is the simplest and most effective way to make sure your computer is always operating at its optimum potential. HP Performance Advisor comes pre-installed with every HP Workstation.

In my private life I started editing movies which makes a lot of fun and demands everything from your workstation. It is a perfect reality check to experience if what we recommend to professionals in Media & Entertainment really does make sense. My setup for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019:

Z4 - Core i7x 8 Core
64GB Ram (8 per Core)
NVIDIA Quadro P5000 (to profit from the Mercury Playback Engine)
HP Z Turbo Drive M.2 1TB
External HP Dreamcolor Display for Color Grading.

The hardware runs very smoothly. But when it comes to drivers and optimal BIOS setting even myself is struggling. But there is a solution: HP Performance Advisor. It does not only help spotting bottle necks in your configuration while recording all relevant hardware parameters (cpu, memory, graphics, disk, wi-fi), it helps finding the "most certified" and "approved drivers" per application. On top if there are specific BIOS settings needed, HP Performance Advisor can set them for you - with just one click. Of course HP Performance Advisor is not limited to Adobe Premiere Pro - we do it for all our ISV certified Softwares. 

To me HP Performance Advisor - coming from HP Labs - is the perfect example of HPs Ideology when it comes to professional computing.
Therefore, my slogan on value-hub.ch: "Because it needs more than just Hardware".

Get the HP Performance Advisor (its free) here.