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Marcel Brand
Marcel Brand

Requested by Artists – designed by HP

A HP DreamColor Display is not only a display, it’s the window for creative segments and color professionals who need the best color accurate platform for their work.
HP DreamColor Technology is designed specifically for Media & Entertainment. With a focus on color management, color can now be accurately reproduced and managed across the entire digital work-flow. For organizations with employees working in different teams that may be globally dispersed, maintaining color consistency and the quality of the final product is critical. HP DreamColor Professional Displays provide the assurance that all employees are working not only in the same color space, but with the same calibrated color (HP DreamColor Z31x Studio only).
Custom Color Calibration
Use the Z31x to dial in the details and create with the confidence that comes from meticulous color accuracy. Maintain perfect color with the advanced built-in colorimeter capable of measuring and adjusting on-screen performance at scheduled intervals or on demand, independent from any connected computer. Or connect high-end colorimeters directly to the any HP DreamColor Studio for hostless calibration, perfect for consistency across displays.

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Factory calibrated color accuracy
HP DreamColor Professional Displays are factory-calibrated for color accuracy. Push-button color accuracy out of the box with 5 color space presets include: sRGB, Adobe RGB, BT.709, User and Native. With HP DreamColor Calibration Software, you can calibrate all displays so they match each other and the chosen color standard - you can even create your own color space preset by specifying the target luminance, primaries, tone response, and white point.

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Integrated KVM
The HP Z31x also integrates a KVM directly into the display. Connect two computers (PC, Mac® or Linux®) and their keyboard and mice to directly to the display, and easily switch between systems while bringing your keyboard and mouse with you. Now users can switch between a render on one system, while working one another with a simple keyboard shortcut.

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Additional Features
HP DreamColor Studio displays are also built to enable simple deployment from IT by enabling custom files to be loaded directly to the displays firmware, enabling remote management (eg. How many hours since last calibration per display, energy usage etc.), loading custom color spaces and more. Users now have the flexibility to manage  multiple displays, ensuring that on first use, and after years of use displays are consistently showing true colors with deep & expanded Color Gamuts. Overlay standard video and film markers and DCI aspect ratio masks over your images to assess framing and protect regions. Create your own custom markers using StudioCal XML**.

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For color professionals, the new HP DreamColor Professional Displays will be a game changer. With 10-bits per color, the DreamColor panel produces over one billion colors, 64 times more than mainstream LCD displays. Each  new feature is a result of direct feedback from key customers in visual effects, feature animation, and graphic design looking for new ways to transform the way they work.

Marcel Brand - Area Category Manager Displays and Attach