HP Device Manager 5.0 Service Pack 1 released

Torsten Boll
Torsten Boll

I’m pleased to let you know that HP Device Manager 5.0 Service Pack 1 is released today.

You can download the software and release notes here:

Installer: https://ftp.hp.com/pub/hpdm/Software/5.0/HP_Device_Manager-5.0SP1.exe (MD5)

Release Notes: https://ftp.hp.com/pub/hpdm/Documentation/ReleaseNotes/ReleaseNotes_HP_Device_Manager-5.0SP1.pdf

Please be noted that HPDM 5.0 Service Pack supports direct installation now. You don’t need to have HPDM 5.0 installed firstly before installing a service pack. Also you can directly upgrade from a HPDM 4.7 Service Pack to a HPDM 5.0 Service Pack.

New features in HPDM 5.0 Service Pack 1:

  • Adds support for the HP t740 thin client
  • Adds support for the HP t640 thin client
  • Adds support for the Fall Refresh 2019
  • Adds support for wireless imaging for the HP t240 thin client
  • Adds support for PXE imaging over UEFI
  • Enhances PXE imaging for better legacy support
  • Enhances installation process to support upgrading from HPDM 4.7 or an HPDM 4.7 service pack version
  • Upgrades OpenSSL from 1.1.0 to 1.1.1
  • Adds support for TLSv1.2 for AD search
  • Adds paging function for audit log view
  • Accepts up to 100 characters for user groups
  • Adds a new Write Filter-type attribute for device reports
  • Provides the ability to disable the lock screen when installing cached updates
  • Reorganizes template privilege for better privilege management
  • Provides the ability to customize certificates to enhance the communication between HPDM Master Repository Controller and HPDM Server
  • Refines the GUIs of HPDM Console, Configuration Center, Console Web Bridge, and the installers for ease of use
  • Closed optional administrator entry for the Console Web Bridge service and reset the configuration of Console Web Bridge for security consideration. The default URL now redirects to the HPDM logon page.
  • Updates JRE, OpenSSL, Apache, and PHP in HPDM to the latest versions to help prevent the occurrence of vulnerabilities

Issues fixed in HPDM 5.0 Service Pack 1:

  • Fixed an issue where tasks held indefinitely, if the tasks where set to be executed after 30 minutes in batches
  • Fixed an issue where Apply Settings sometimes generated an empty registry value for the screen saver on HP ThinPro
  • Fixed an issue where all protocols except HTTPS, under the Master Repository, were lost after the upgrade to HPDM 5.0
  • Fixed an issue where a damaged report on HPDM Gateway blocked later reports
  • Fixed an issue where thin clients logged off or rebooted randomly when processing cached tasks
  • Fixed an issue where HP ThinPro 7 templates were removed and HPDM Console prompted to update an up-to-date HPDM Gateway when upgrading from HPDM 4.7 Service Pack 9 to HPDM Service Pack 11
  • Fixed an issue in which manual scheme could not be deleted by other administrators
  • Fixed an issue where the database setup failed during the migration process
  • Fixed an issue where Backup Tool ran out of memory if there were too many audit logs in the database
  • Fixed an issue where rule tasks that were to be sent only to devices in a manually specified group folder were also sent to the default Other folder
  • Fixed an issue where an image could not be deployed to HP ThinPro 7 thin clients via HPDM 4.7 Service Pack 12 or HPDM 5.0
  • Fixed an issue where the template selection was wrong when a Quick Search filter was applied
  • Fixed an issue where devices could not be imported to HPDM if the device information did not include OS information in the configuration file
  • Fix an issue where the VNC session would sometimes automatically disconnect every 2 to 3 minutes