HP Augmented Reality Proof of Concept

Roger Graf
Roger Graf

We are to announce the new Proof of Concept of the HP Augmented Reality App.

Augmented reality refers to a simple combination of real and virtual (computer-generated) worlds. Given the real subject, in your case the table you are scanning using your Smart Phone, the technology augments an extra layer of digital information to it. Like this you can build a Demo Workplace with "Elitebook x360 G2", "Thunderbolt Docking" and "EliteDisplay E273q".
Even Features like x360 and HP Privacy Filter are enabled. Note the Devices will appear in close to real size. 

Augmented reality will become increasingly important in the future. Of course, in today's capitalist world, increasing productivity and cutting costs are the priorities, but you can change your perspective as well. People are visually, auditory, tactile and kinesthetically controlled, that is, we want to see, hear, touch and experience. The retail stores with their exhibition space are slowly disappearing in the direction of online trading. A concept of direct trade between people, thousands of years old, is changing. Today, customers advise customers in comment sections about products that mostly coming from overseas. But still today our customers and partners want to see the products before you buy them. The virtual technologies bring back the human needs. In VR, objects can be touched, odors can be perceived and interactions will come back again.

With augmented reality, I can not give you the product in full feel to try. But at least we can convey a visual impression, namely exactly where the product should be used. Our cell phones are real-world-ready to turn digital products into reality. Try it and be inspired.

Download Android Version (min Android 7.1)

Download iOS Version (min iOS 12) 

For iOS it is required that you "trust an enterprise app". After installing simply navigate to 
Settings > General > Profiles or Profiles & Device Management. Under the "Enterprise App" heading, you see a profile for the developer "Netcetera".