Ergonomic Solutions by SpacePole

Berthold Schneider
Berthold Schneider

In Retail Point of Sale Solutions ergonomy is a very important factor. Therefore, HP is constantly investing in relationships with partners like Ergonomic Solutions to enhance our technology and optimize the customer installation.

Ergonomic Solutions by the creators of SpacePole

HP approached Ergonomic Solutions in 2017 to create a solution that would ensure that our HP Engage One was compatible with the SpacePole Essentials Suite of technology mounting solutions. Not only from an aesthetic perspective the integration is seamless. The well designed Engage One screen adapter is a flexible and adjustable solution that means that Engage One can be retroffited into retail environments already using the Essentials product set at the point of sale. 

Space Pole Solution for HP Engage One

HP Engage One Screen Adapter

Constructed from a composite material. 
The interface has multiple magnets, which ensures easy and accurate mounting of the HP Engage One Screen. A cable dock ensures that the screen will stay charged.
The adapter features a discreet quick release mechanism.

Industry Value

The Engage One Solutions enhances hospitality, retail & banking sectors. The collaboration with Ergonomic Solutions helps HP to further support its Customer.