HP Remote Graphics Software: An introduction

How this remote access solution for workstation users provides full workstation performance from any PC, Mac®, or Windows tablet.

HP Remote Graphics Software

Access, share, and broadcast your Windows and Linux® workstation apps in amazing, high-speed clarity from any remote PC, Mac®*, or Windows tablet with HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS), built from the ground up with HP’s workstation expertise.

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The ultimate collaboration and remote access solution for workstation users providing full workstation performance from any PC, Mac®, or Windows tablet.

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Benefit from unlimited remote access

Real-time collaboration

Share your Windows or Linux® workstation screen with multiple users simultaneously — grant view-only or full interactive access.

Remote workers

Consolidate workstation power to the server room and allow your professionals to connect in from remote computers at any location.

Workstation class mobility even on a tablet

Cut the cords, ditch the keyboard and mouse, and work from anywhere with remote access to your workstation-class apps on your Windows tablet.

“With our filmmakers on both Linux® and Windows desktops, HP Remote Graphics Software allows our worldwide teams to easily collaborate on high-resolution video, run sophisticated fire or water simulations, and utilise the tools on each other’s machines."

Rick Rubio, Manager of Audio-Visual Resources, DreamWorks Animation

HP Remote Graphics Software: There for you today and into the future

For over a decade HP has added features and fixes to HP RGS specific to the demanding needs of high-end workstation users. That is why these users continue to tell us that HP RGS is the gold standard for a remote workstation experience. The lightning fast response time, native Windows and Linux® support, built in collaboration functionality, rock solid performance, and ease and simplicity of deploying make HP RGS the go-to remote protocol for serious workstation users. And we’re just getting started!

High-quality image

Work like you’re local with transfer speeds up to 60 fps in HD for your most demanding apps. HP RGS looks fantastic even with 4K screens.

Advanced video compression

Expand the reach of remote workstation access with the massive reduction in required bandwidth for RGS connections.

HP Velocity

Get the best possible remote experience, even when using poor network connections, with HP Velocity, built directly into HP RGS.

Windows®, Linux®, and Mac® OS

Enjoy cross-platform access with support for both of these desktop environments. And now you can access them from a Mac®* OS receiver.

Control any application with custom touch gestures

Windows 10 touch for all your Windows 7 and Linux® applications. Zoom, tap and swipe your way to fully mobile creative freedom.

Application independent

RGS sends pixels not data. So regardless of what application you're using, RGS just works.

Screen sharing and many-to-one

Access many workstations from one PC with Directory Mode or share your screen with the team.

Multiple displays with resolution and layout matching

HP RGS auto-sets resolution and multi-display settings to match the receiver's system.

Remote USB

Virtually attach a USB device to a remote system with local control and access.

Open GL and Direct X

HP RGS offers full 3D graphics API support for workstation-class performance.

No extra hardware

This software-only solution allows deployment without additional infrastructure costs. And it's included at no charge on HP Personal Workstations.

Two factor authentication

With HP RGS 7.2.2 and newer you can simultaneously use smart cards on the receiver PC and Sender Workstation via HP RGS. Windows only.